Shareholders Information


Mutual Water Company

Shareholder Information for Residents West Altadena

Lincoln Avenue Water Company is a mutual water company. This means that the Company is owned entirely by the homeowner it serves.  As a private non-profit water company, Lincoln Avenue is able to provide its shareholders high quality drinking water at a minimal cost.

Becoming a Shareholder

When property is purchased in Lincoln’s service district, the buyer becomes a shareholder in the company. New owners receive a Lincoln Avenue stock certificate which entitles them to receive water utility services from the company. This certificate also gives the shareholder certain rights and privileges regarding the operation of the company.

The current cost for a Share of Water Stock is $9,800.00. Applicant hereby applies for the purchase of the number of shares needed. The number of shares needed is determined by the size of, or planned use for, the property for which water service is sought.

Applicant shall comply with Company rules regarding water service in force at the time water service is requested, as those rules may be amended from time to time. All service shall be in accordance with Company rules.