Water Conservation

Lincoln Avenue Water Company enjoys the opportunity to help its customers conserve water and save money whenever possible.  You will find information about rebate programs that will help you save money while embracing water conservation. You’ll also find water conservation ideas that will help you lower your water bill and protect the planet.

Water conservation continues in 2016. Due to the severity of the water deficits over the past four years, many of California’s reservoir and groundwater basins remain depleted and the need for continued water conservation persists.

We all need to do our part, Lincoln Avenue Water Company is required to reduce our water usage by 28%. In addition to this action everyone faces a possible $500.00 per day fine for violating water use regulations.

For more information on water conservation regulations Click here.

In response to Governor Brown’s drought proclamation, the Board of Directors have adopted temporary Moratorium’s on activities which lead to added water demand on the distribution system.


Water rate adjustment Click Here.