How To Read Your Bill

How to read the water bill

  1.  Account Information:

This section contains the account name, account number and service address.

           (The service address is the physical address where water service is provided.)

  1. Billing Dates:

This section contains the billing information, meter reading period dates, date mailed out and due date.

(Please note: the billing meter reading period always begins from the 15th to the 15th of each month.  If the bill due date falls on a Weekend or a Holiday it is automatically extended to the next business day.)

  1. Meter Information:

This section contains meter information, meter number, size and meter read.

  1. Water Consumption Information:

This section contains consumption/usage information; current usage and a comparison of usage same billing period last year.

(Please note: usage is measured in cubic feet. Each water unit represents 100 cubic fee or 748 gallons.)

  1. Summary of Charges:

This section contains the activity on the account, last bill amount, payment, late fee charge, adjustment charge if applicable. Also includes a balance forward only for accounts with an unpaid balance.

  1. Current Charges:

This section contains current billing information, begins with the monthly service charge and a breakdown of the water unit charge per tier rate, current charges amount and the total amount due.

  1. Special Message:

This section contains information of current updates and events of Lincoln Avenue Water Co.

  1. Permanent Message:

This message is to inform all customers how to prevent late and reconnection charges and to read additional information concerning water rate structure on the back of the water bill statement.

  1. Water Bill Statement Bottom Portion:

This portion of the water bill statement is use for remittance of water payment, account summary and provides the account mailing information.

  1.   Shareholder With Multiple Shares:

This information is found on the back of the water bill statement, Shareholders who own multiple shares in Lincoln Avenue Water Company will be allotted addional water units at Tier I rate based on the number of shares owned.


Shareholder with 1 share will receive 7 units at the Tier I rate

Shareholder with 2 shares will receive 14 units at the Tier I rate,

Shareholder with 3 shares will receive 21 units at the Tier I rate, etc…


For more information on how to calculate your water bill, call our office during business hours at 626.798.9101.


Thank You!