New Production Well Construction

Update – A new NASA-constructed groundwater extraction well will soon be available to enhance groundwater cleanup efforts at Altadena’s Lincoln Avenue Water Company (LAWC).

The well’s operation will remove chemicals in deeper levels, thus maintaining effective containment of the leading edge of groundwater chemicals originating at JPL. The well will also serve as a modern, reliable well for the LAWC, ensuring for its customers continued clean drinking water supplies for many decades. NASA completed drilling the well in April. Development of the well and test pumping to design final well equipment is scheduled to begin in early September.  During this development phase, extraction of approximately 7.5 million gallons of water from the deep aquifer is required to properly develop and design the well. This water, generated over the short period of time of about three weeks, is enough to serve 55 homes for a year.

Normally, this well development water would be treated to remove chemicals and then discharged to a stormwater drain. However, considering the severe drought that California is experiencing, NASA worked in concert with the California State Water Resources Control Board’s Division of Drinking Water to identify beneficial uses for this large amount of water. Prior to proceeding, NASA submitted a detailed work plan to the State Water Board describing exactly how the water would be effectively treated and tested. After reviewing it carefully, the State Water Board agreed that the water would be treated first by a temporary treatment plant (using the same process employed by the chemical removal system already in use), tested, and followed by a second treatment process at the existing, permitted LAWC treatment system. Thus the water will be treated, tested, and treated again, and as always will meet all drinking water standards. This ‘Double Treatment’ ensures clean, high quality water and enables a valuable resource to be saved.


Construction of a New Extraction Well – NASA has begun construction of a new extraction well in the parking lot area behind the offices of the Lincoln Avenue Water Company at 564 West Harriet Street in Altadena.  This well will improve treatment system reliability to effectively contain the leading edge of chemicals traveling from JPL.  It also will increase the rate at which chemicals can be removed, thus shortening the time needed to meet NASA’s cleanup goal.  Additional benefits that will result, as well as a rough timeline of the various steps in the process, are provided in this fact sheet.  Beginning in early March to the end of April the actual well drilling will take place around the clock.  Should you have any questions about this project please contact Merrilee Fellows at 818.393.0754.

Please note that due to the construction the parking lot will be closed to customers.  We request that all customers pay their bill by mail, online or contact our office to pay by phone.  If you must bring your payment to the office, please use the payment drop box or park on the street and enter through the designated walk way.

We appreciate your cooperation and apologize for any inconvenience.